Modul EVO

"The unique one"

Are you the "EVO type"?

You want to be able to adapt your motorcycle clothing optimally to suit the current weather conditions at all times. You have firm ideas about that. When it rains it must be absolutely rain-repellent on the outside; when the weather's fine the airy basic protection is enough. You like to make long tours and your motorcycle clothing must therefore be flexibly adaptable to suit every weather situation. Only the best is good enough for you; after all, you don't splash out on other things...

Special technical features:
Waterproof 3-layer laminate outside, summerlike liner

The wet is kept outside when it rains. No increase in weight due to saturation of the outer material; cooling is significantly reduced.

If you want to do without the wet-resistant outer layer, the light inner part can be worn separately with full protection function. The jacket and/or pants are then extremely airy.

If you're riding without the waterproof outer layer and it starts to rain, you have to stop to put it on.