"The practical one"

Are you the "3-layer type"?

You value the best equipment – but only in conjunction with the maximum possible comfort. That means, for example on that annual tour that you've been looking forward to for so long, that you don't have to change clothes under the next bridge just because of a sudden fall of rain that you weren't prepared for... The fact that the material layers of your motorcycle clothing are in principle connected to one another is right up your street - you can forget about the rain and continue your journey. Since when did you let a cloud dictate when you have to stop?

Special technical features:
3 layers – firmly adhered to one another and thus absolutely waterproof ("3-layer laminate")

No wetness can penetrate through the firm bond of a basic material, a Gore membrane and a further protection layer. So you're equipped for all weathers. No changing clothes when it suddenly rains, no saturation of the material, low weight. An additional thermal lining can be separately removed.

The jacket and/or pants are a little stiffer and not quite so airy.