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We see ourselves as a small but fine manufacturer of motorcycle clothing in a class of its own. What distinguishes us from everyone else? Highest quality standards and exceptional service. Both are implemented by our team day after day with a lot of commitment and passion in products that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the riders. Whether on two legs or two wheels: we are constantly on the move. 

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  • Passionate motorcyclists: Hans Jürgen Stadler and Petra Stadler

50 years of Stadler

What distinguishes real adventurers? They are always on the lookout for the extraordinary, but always rely on the essentials: instinct and experience. Instinct and experience are also precisely the qualities that have accompanied us for 50 years when it comes to being perfectly equipped for new adventures. In 1971 it was Johann Stadler who began manufacturing leather and lambskin clothing, before the first leather motorcycle outfit was designed a few years later. And because it was quite natural as a post-war child to be out and about on a motorized two-wheeler, he knew exactly what it takes to feel really comfortable in his (second) skin. Knowledge of the right gear for special experiences is practically in our genes - and already in the second generation.

  • The company is established by Johann Stadler. Initially, leather and lambskin clothing is manufactured for the fashion sector.

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  • An additional collection of textile motorcycle clothing is created. And from 1991, STADLER obtains the GORE-TEX license for the Authorities segment.

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  • Hans Jürgen Stadler assumes control of the company. STADLER KG becomes a GmbH (limited company). The company opens its own production facility in Eastern Europe.

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  • With the STADLER AIR SCOOP SYSTEM, or SASS for short, a trailblazing ventilation system is developed and introduced that ensures maximum comfort in STADLER motorcycle clothing.

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