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The 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee is granted from the date of purchase by

Stadler GmbH
Am Gewerbepark 7
94501 Aidenbach

The guarantee is valid worldwide. The legal right of guarantee (liability for defects) is not limited by this guarantee. The guarantee includes the assumption of all repair costs (excluding shipping costs) for defects in workmanship (seams coming loose, leaky welded seams in membrane clothing, and buttons coming loose) arising within the guarantee period.

Guarantee claims will not be considered if

  • the product is damaged or destroyed by acts of God or by environmental factors,
  • the damage is the result of improper use or care,
  • the product shows mechanical damage of any kind, or
  • the product has been repaired by someone who is not a professional.

If you need to make a guarantee claim, please contact your contracting partner. After submitting the product and submitting the original purchase receipt, the product will be repaired for free or, at our discretion, replaced with a product of equal value. This guarantee does not cover transport costs or the risks of transporting your product to Stadler GmbH or to your contracting partner.

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