Warranty regulations

Consumer conditions in respect of warranty claims, guarantee and liability

1. Consumer warranty

The consumer is entitled to the legal warranty rights without restriction, provided the consumer purchased the goods directly from us. The warranty shall not restrict the consumer's legal rights in any way.

Irrespective of whether the goods were purchased from a dealer or directly from us, we provide a consumer warranty against manufacturing defects under the following conditions:

1.1 The warranty shall take the form that the goods or individual parts thereof shall be exchanged or repaired, according to our decision. Material and labour costs shall be borne by us. When asserting warranty claims, the consumer is not entitled to a refund of the purchase price upon return of the goods.

1.2 The warranty begins with the date of delivery by us, or by the dealer if applicable. All warranty claims shall be taken into account which we, or the dealer who sold the goods, receive within the warranty period. All warranty claims lose their validity at the latest 5 or 10 years (according to the warranty period of the purchased product) after the delivery date, even if warranty claims had been accepted in the meantime.

1.3 Should manufacturing defects become apparent within the warranty period mentioned in item 1.2, a warranty claim must be submitted without delay, at the latest within three weeks of discovery of the defects.

1.4 The consumer bears the risks of loss or damage on the way to or from the place where the warranty claim is asserted or which dispatches the repaired goods.

1.5 Warranty claims shall only be accepted if the original proof of purchase is submitted with the goods.

1.6 Warranty claims shall not be accepted if - the goods have been damaged or destroyed by an act of nature or due to environmental influences,

  • damage is due to improper treatment or care,
  • the goods exhibit mechanical damage of any sort or
  • the goods have not been professionally repaired.

1.7 The afore-mentioned conditions apply, irrespective of whether the customer is entitled to claim on the warranty or not.