"The functional one“

Are you the "Z-Liner type"?

You’re the pragmatic type. The basic values "protection", "comfortable fit" and "perfect protection against wetness" are what count for you. Everything else is just a gimmick to you.

When that comes in the familiar Stadler quality, you're willing to do without flexible changing options. So you're equally equipped for all purposes of use. And when the entire package also comes with a price advantage, that just what you're looking for...

Special technical features:
Waterproof layer, inseparable inside, between the outer layer and an inner liner.

Soft and comfortable material, low weight, inexpensive.

If it starts to rain the outer material becomes soaked before the waterproof layer behind it holds back the wetness. This also means a longer drying time. The individual layers can't be separated and ventilation is restricted.